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HBF Stadium Outdoor 10 lane Pool

HBF Stadium, Perth will host the international swimming competition in the outdoor pool. As the only venue in the world to host two FINA World Championships (1991 and 1998), HBF Stadium has a rich history in aquatic sport.

HBF Stadium has the greatest water surface area of any facility in the southern hemishpere. The venue has hosted events such as the FINA World Swimming Championships 1991 and 1998 and the XII FINA World Masters Championships in 2008. In 2012, the National Synchronised Championships were hosted in March and the National Diving Chmapionships in April as well as the FINA World Junior Polo Championships.

The aqautic facility comprises of two outdoor pools: the 10 Lane Graeme Edward Pool (GEP) and the 8 lane GEP. Indoor you will find the Tom Hoad Aquatics Centre with an Olympic size swimming and diving pool as well as the FINA Certified Water Polo Pool. For spectators there is fixed grandstand seaing for up to 1700.

The Aquatic Super Series will run in the outdoor 10 lane GEP. The pool is 2 metres deep and geo-thermally heated to 26.5 degrees.

HBF Stadium is a great venue for competitive and recreational lap swimming. The facility features the following:

Indoor Pools
50 metre 8 lane swimming pool/water polo pool
Diving pool

Outdoor Pools
50 metre 8 lane swimming pool
50 metre 10 lane swimming pool
Water polo pool

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